Clement Clarke Communications is a global provider engaged in the development, manufacturer, delivery and support of advanced headset based communication solutions for defence, corporate, emergency, aviation and air traffic control services in the air, on land and at sea.

With over 60 years of experience in headset based communications, Clement Clarke Communications manufacturers products that are positioned across four vertical markets and is amongst one of the longest establishing companies within its sector making us a partner you can trust.

We supply many of the worlds defence establishments including the British Ministry of Defence, Malaysian Navy, Australian Navy, Chilean Air Force and Indian Navy to name but a few. We also supply NATS (National Air Traffic Control Service) and other ATM/ATC organisations worldwide.


CLEMENT CLARKE COMMUNICATIONS provide a range of solutions for Corporate Communications that we guarantee will take the hassle out of headsets forever.



The Ministry of Defence, NATO and Defence Departments globally trust the quality, durability and reliability of Clement Clarke Communications Defence products and services.



Clement Clarke Communications excels at providing individually tailored products to meet the demands and technological developments of the airways.



We have created a portfolio of emergency services products and solutions that understand and meet the unique requirements and changing technologies of the emergency services.